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Planning to Enter the Bottled Water Business? Then give Norland a Call.

Norland Int’l. Inc. is the place to start. We provide all you need for a successful bottled water business, from upfront consultation, turnkey bottled water equipment, and plant design and layout. We’re also a bottler ourselves, so we know all facets of the business.

We’ve been serving the bottled water industry since 1993, when we started manufacturing equipment designed for the small to medium-sized companies doing business in smaller territories. Up to that point, most all equipment was designed for the big companies service large metropolitan areas. The use of bottled water is growing rapidly worldwide, which makes the industry potentially profitable just about anywhere in the world, from small towns and mid-sized cities, as well as the big population centers.

Norland is also known worldwide for its commitment to after-sale service and support. You won’t get better service from anyone else. Installation and maintenance is available. Our equipment is operating successfully on six continents.

Visit Norland Int’l. Inc for details on all our bottled water equipment and services.

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